6 Myths To Debunk About Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses is the act of abstaining from food and only consuming fruits or vegetables that are squeezed into juice. They are often used as a way to detox the body after periods of overconsumption, but they have become more popular in recent years with celebrities endorsing them. There are many myths associated with this fad though, and here are a few to debunk.

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Drinking Juice Is A Better Way To Lose Weight Than Eating a Healthy Diet And Exercising

One of the most common reasons people choose to do a juice cleanse is because they want to lose weight. The question is, is juice actually good for you to lose weight? Many people think that a juice cleanse will enable them to shed unwanted pounds and, for this reason, you may begin to hear lots of recommendations about it from friends and family after you have expressed a desire to lose weight.

However, the truth is that juice cleanses do not cause substantial weight loss. There are many reasons why this is true, but perhaps one of the most important factors is the fact that juice cleanses are restrictive diets. Restrictive diets are notorious for causing people to regain lost pounds very quickly following the period of restriction. This is one of the main reasons weight loss is so challenging for so many people.

For those who have tried everything from restrictive diets to exercise programs to slim down and can’t seem to lose weight, a juice cleanse might seem like an effective and novel approach. Unfortunately, any benefits that you experience from juice cleanses will likely be short-lived.

It Is Safe to Juice Cleanse for Extended periods

The reason why many people report feeling so energized and rejuvenated after participating in a juice cleanse is because they have been depriving their bodies of the calories that it has grown accustomed to receiving from solid food. To function properly, your body requires a certain number of calories each day in the form of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 

When you go on a juice cleanse, you are consuming less than half the amount of calories every single day that you normally would be ingesting by following a regular diet consisting of three full meals and snacks. This lack of calories causes the body to go into starvation mode where it will start holding onto your fat stores for energy, in effect eliminating any weight loss benefits that may have taken place during the juice cleanse.

Your Body Doesn’t Need Nutrition When You Cleanse 

Your body does need nutrients while you juice cleanse, if it didn’t then your organs would shut down and you’d be dead. A lot of people believe that when they juice cleanse their body will get all of the nutrients it needs from the juices, but this isn’t true. 

You may lose weight while you’re on a juice cleanse because your stomach is smaller, and you’re consuming fewer calories than usual, but you certainly aren’t nourishing yourself properly by only drinking juices for days on end. Juice cleanses are dangerous, but not in the way that you may think. 

Drinking only juices for days at a time can have an extremely negative effect on your body because it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and function normally. Your organs don’t function properly when they aren’t getting the proper nourishment they need to work, and they can ultimately fail because of it. 

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Juice Cleansing Is A Cure-All For Disease

Many people on a juice cleanse declare that their chronic illness has disappeared or lessened while they are fasting. However, no scientific evidence exists to support the claim that cleansing cures serious diseases.  Some claim that the only reason they feel so good is because of the cleansing,  but the truth is that feeling good during a juice cleanse has more to do with the euphoria and endorphins released by fasting than any medicinal value of the juices.

If you have a disease, whether it’s serious or not, you should always speak to your doctor before starting any type of juice cleanse. Your doctor will be able to spot problems and advise you accordingly about the potential benefits and risks associated with beginning a juice cleanse while managing your disease.

While many people turn to juice cleanses as a way to temporarily improve their health and wellness, it is important to keep in mind that the long-term benefits of a juice cleanse are limited at best. While there is no specific harm associated with cleansing, restricting your caloric intake for days or weeks at a time can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening if you have certain medical conditions.

Juice Cleanses Are Just As Good As Water For Hydration

Firstly, the juice is not hydrating your body because it lacks the electrolytes that you get from drinking water. You may feel more energetic because fruit contains fructose which raises blood sugar levels quickly. Over time, this can be done at a higher risk of developing conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Fruits and vegetables do not have the same nutrients that water provides. Your kidneys filter your blood, removing waste and excess fluid. Unless you’re drinking enough water to compensate for the juice, your body is going through a period of flushing itself of toxins by peeing more than usual, but it’s also losing necessary electrolytes which are still found in water.

Juice cleanses are often done for short periods, or intermittently, but they are not a sustainable way of eating. A juice cleanse may make you feel more energetic by giving your body the sugar it needs at first, but you will crash once it runs out of energy and your normal eating habits resume.

Juicing Cleanses Are Safe For Everyone, Including Children

Juice cleansing is not appropriate for children or older adults because their bodies need more nutrients than juicing can provide them with. Additionally, fasting puts people at risk of dehydration which is even more dangerous when children are involved. Juice cleansing may seem like a healthy choice for children, but it is not recommended by experts in pediatric nutrition.

Juice cleansing has its benefits but make sure you do it right and ensure you do not deprive your body of important nutrients your body needs

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