5 tips to pause hustle mode and achieve a Zen state of mind

5 tips to pause hustle mode and achieve a Zen state of mind

Zen and the 5 best ways to achive this state of mind

It is quite a challenge today to get some peace and quiet. Getting to relax and free ourselves from our routine worries is increasingly difficult. The world that human beings have designed is focused on a level of life of constant stress. Zen discipline could not only help you relax but also become aware of the present moment and be able to enjoy it. Indeed, we live in a society that prepares us to think only about what will happen tomorrow. However, thanks to Zen we will be able to reach a state of mind of full consciousness and peace. Have you ever stopped to think about when was the last time you managed to disconnect from everything and focus on the present moment?

The objectives pursued by Zen philosophy could be summarized as:

  • Being able to train our mind to achieve greater awareness, attention and concentration on everything that surrounds us.
  • Eliminate all those habits that generate imbalance.
  • Optimally channeling our own emotions.
  • Help us to know how to use our energy in the proper way.
  • Strengthen our social skills and emotional intelligence.

In addition, there are 5 ways to achieve a Zen state.


Meditation is the most powerful tool that human beings have to be able to fully connect with ourselves. Thanks to Zen meditation we reach a state of peace and enlightenment that helps us both to relax and to know ourselves better. The mind manages to calm down and therefore focus. Another objective of Zen meditation is to eliminate everything that is left over from our lives. Everything that unbalance us in our day to day. In contrast, Zen philosophy focuses only on what is truly important. In addition, we will notice the positive effects of Zen meditation from its inception. With this practice, we will not only increase our state of health in general, but we will also have much more energy.

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Anyone capable of controlling their breathing will control their mind. Throughout a day, a person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. Therefore, getting to relax and breathe deeply will help us connect and calm our mind.

It is really important to know how to breathe correctly. In the air is the energy in the cosmos. We receive this energy thanks to our lungs and cells. Breathing deeply, completely filling our lungs, supporting ourselves on the abdomen and having a good body posture, will undoubtedly make a difference.

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In addition to providing the room with a pleasant aroma, incense also releases purity and good energy. That is why it has become one of the great allies in Zen meditation and breathing. Today incense is used mainly to purify and aromatize the space in which we find ourselves. Thanks to these fragrances we will be able to release the negative tensions accumulated during the day. The combination between the practice of deep breathing and the aroma of incense is able to connect us in a more intense way with ourselves. If we light incense during our Zen meditations we will make our mind begin to focus and relax to start the meditation. Incense has the power to change our mood, therefore it is a key element in the Zen path.

The benefits of incense vary depending on the aroma we choose since each aroma has a specific mission.

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Crystals have different purposes, but there are some of them that are used to relieve stress. As strange as it may seem at first, crystals have been used since inmemorial times for their powerful healing properties. In fact, the energy contained in a gem can lift your mood in a second. We must not forget that minerals are part of nature and therefore they have the effects and energy of our Mother Earth. If we mix the effective techniques of meditation and Zen breathing with the use of crystals we will achieve a greater connection of peace and relief.

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All human beings have enormous power within us. It’s just a matter of knowing how to channel it. The Reiki technique helps us achieve balance between our mind, body, emotions and soul. That is, it harmonizes all the chakras of our body. This natural healing method consists of the laying on of the hands in order to balance and harmonize our being. Like any healing method, reiki has endless benefits for our health. Among its advantages we can highlight that our spiritual growth increases, combats stress, we will achieve a reunion with ourselves and harmonizes the vibration of our body and mind.

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Among all the benefits that you can obtain in your the Zen journey, we can highlight that you will increase your focus of attention towards yourself and the present time. You will strengthen your physical and mental health since you will decrease the stress levels of your life. It will even help you to stimulate your creative side and to remember things more easily. Without forgetting that you will develop the power of empathy and improve your social skills.


Zen philosophy helps us to enter a state of connection between body and soul. Learning this discipline is an art. Each time we practice it, we will increase our levels of both self-awareness and happiness. In this way, we will be able to enjoy our present moment, have a more balanced and harmonious life and, therefore, we will connect with our true essence.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful philosophy and discover all the secrets it keeps, we invite you to join our Moder Zen community.


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