An Introduction to Zen Crystals

Zen Crystals | Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

Continuing our theme of spirituality and exploring the wonderful world around us, here we dive into Zen Crystals (well crystals in general if we’re being a bit honest).

Crystals are the flowers of the earth and we see these Crystals as some of our favourite..  Just as we admire flowers that grow in a garden, we admire the crystals that come out of Mother Earth. Crystals have been a part of our culture since the beginning of time and it is interesting to note that the Bible refers to crystals over 200 times. The most famous mention occurs in the Book of Exodus regarding the Breastplate of Aaron, the Hebrew High Priest. Although the Hebrew names of the 12 stones have never been in question, their translation still is, and despite numerous attempts, the various translators cannot, to date, agree to a single translation. There were  twelve stones, four rows of three stones each, representing one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. These stones are said to be related to the zodiac signs of that time.

First row: ruby,  topaz and  beryl

Second row:  turquoise, sapphire and emerald

Third row: jacinth, agate and amethyst

Fourth row: chrysolite, onyx and jasper

Energies from Zen Crystals are very powerful and that is why you must be serious and respectful in using them. Because of the change of energy/consciousness this planet is undergoing, we are rediscovering the ancient healing art of working with crystals. Crystals are able to reunite us with Source and enhance healing properties flowing through our bodies.