Top 10 Meditation Gifts: Enlightening Gift Ideas for Meditation Lovers

Meditation is a practice where one focuses their concentration on their thoughts, object, or an activity. It helps one finally achieve a calming mental and stable emotional state of mind, soul, and body. Most people have improved their mental well-being through meditation. It also helps in promoting personal growth.

Meditation has been practiced since ancient times by different religions and hence has become a tradition for some. Most Asian communities are meditation lovers. Religious meditation is famous, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. Christians also do much meditation, especially those who practice prophecy.

The only difference is that different cultures and religions practise meditation in different ways.

When meditating, you need to be in a quiet place free from distractions. It would be best if you also made a decision that you will avoid all forms of self-distraction. These are things like no cell phone, no worries, and release yourself. For instance, in Zen meditation practice, you avoid all thoughts coming to you and practice thinking about nothing during meditation sessions.

Every meditation lover is fond of using special objects during this special moment.

Below are some of the top 10 gifts used for meditating. These enlightening gifts and ideas help each meditation lover during their practice.

1. Mindfulness Journal

Self-love is key to one’s health, and it is important to set time aside for knowing who you are, your identity, and grow as a person. You can only do it by journaling your life wisely. A mindfulness journal gift to a loved one or yourself is very important to help live a mindful daily life.

The journal is divided into different timelines throughout the year. It will help you think and focus on your mindfulness behaviors. Some of the activities on the journal are:

– How to focus on your day and work on your goals.

– List achieved goals.

– List non-achieved goals and how to work them out next time.

– Inspirational quotes.

– Empty spaces to fill or sketch.

– Fighting anxiety phrases.

– Affirmation quotes that you need to recite.

2. Gaiam Meditation Cushion

While praying or meditating, most people prefer to kneel, sit, or lie on the floor. A pillow is therefore very comforting during this time. Gaiam cushion has a lotus shape, and it’s comfortable for any meditation lover with pain on the hip or lower back. The cost is friendly at $45 for a loved one or yourself.

3. Color Me Calm

Color Me gift is for kids of all ages. It has 100 templates for colouring meditation and relaxation with information and text inside the book. When your life is whole, others around you also share from that wholeness. They are inspiring and refreshing.

4. CPLA Led 3D Moon Lamp

It is a special lamp which is made with the latest 3D printing technology. It mimics the moon’s real patterns. By the touch of your hand, you can adjust the light to your comfort and make it your focal point during mindfulness practice. The lamp cost about $25, which is worth it as it’s durable.

5. Mindfulness Card Set

The cards help the meditator in finding clarity. There are 50 prompts with deeper insights for encouraging resting, curiosity, balance, joy, insight, kindness, and awareness. With $14, you have the card, and you can use it for a lifetime.

6. Meditation Box

It’s the best gift for wealthy people. Open the box and draw on the sand using the stylus. Then let your mind wander as you stir the grains. This special gift costs $85 and will automatically still your mind.

7. Wooden Labyrinth Game

You can easily bring your mind into concentration by focusing on what you are doing at that particular moment. This puzzle needs you to steer the five stainless steel balls on the circular track facing the disk’s centre. This alone draws your concentration on the puzzle.

8. Mala Beads

These beads are known to repel any negativity and are also assist in circulation. It would help if you were positive while meditating. They are cost-effective and a good mindfulness gift at only $8.

9. Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt

A relaxing bath is good for one preparing to meditate. It would be best if you sprinkled the Himalayan salt to make your swollen muscles relax. It is within the budget as a bag of five pounds is only $15.

10. Nature Wonders Chakra Stone Set

The stone will cause you to focus on your mind, spirit, and body while meditating. It comes in seven stones, which have special stones for the throat, heart, and others. It’s one of the best mindfulness gifts to offer a Zen meditation lover.

Additional gifts that you can offer your loved ones for meditation are:

– Holiday gift ideas,

-Zen gardens,

-Unimi Lavender Eye

-Bee Lucia Wellness Candle

-Sensory Play Wooden Labyrinth Necklace

-Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic

Meditation has its’ benefits in your own life, like getting to know where you are in this life, affirming yourself, and having hope for tomorrow. You get to live a free anxious life even amid a troubled world, especially with the stressful Covid-19 pandemic. There has been much stress within families and places of work during quarantine. It is wise, therefore, to use this time wisely through meditation.

In summation, there is no perfect or best way to meditate. You need to set a goal to calm your mind, and you will find inner peace manifesting itself. Zen meditation, mostly practised by Buddhists, helps in regulating attention. It’s, in a way, a practice that involves “thinking about not thinking.”

Get your loved ones a meditation gift that can help promote their meditation and see inner peace manifesting in their lives. When people within your family have peace of mind, you will also be at peace with them. Distressed people will also find it easy to relax after going through Zen meditation or any other form of meditation that suits them.

Ensure that you rely on progressive, genuine, and clear meditation ways from real guides as meditation affects most areas of your life. Check out our meditation guide for beginners.


Armine is a wonderful writer, content manager and general site-looker-after. She upholds all the positive traits of Zen, and keeps us calm, happy and enlightened.

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