Internal energy flows inside a person that drives them to do what they do in their everyday lives. It is unseen but felt. It grows depending on a person’s experience and journey. There are two types of energy: positive and negative. Based on its name, we all wanted to acquire all the positive energy there is, but we can’t avoid having to experience negative energy.

Daily hassle and bustle take up a lot of our energy these days. You wanted to save your energy for the essential things that matter only, but your daily routinary activities mostly take it up.

From the moment you stepped your feet off your bed until the time you put them back, you have experienced at least a hundred activities that had taken up your positive energy, and sometimes you end up with more negative than positive.

Here are six tips on how to protect your energy as you storm through your everyday life. These tips are easy to practice until these will turn into your daily habit and eventually a lifestyle.

List down your priorities.

Before the night ends, list down your to-do activities for tomorrow based on their importance. This way, you will be able to finish the significant activities before stress drains your energy. Are you familiar with the rock, stones, and pebbles in a jar activity? Imagine the rocks are your priorities, those that you need to accomplish or do right away. Stones are your priorities that are second place, while the pebbles are the least important ones. You put them in a jar starting from the rocks. They all fit inside the jar compared to pouring in pebbles first, resulting in no space for the most important things.

This leveling will ensure that you will have time and energy for those that matter most. This practice will eventually reduce your stress level because you will put in the right amount of power and energy for those that matter.

Practice saying “no”.

One of the most draining situations anyone can be in is the mindset that you need to accommodate everybody’s request at the expense of your peace. Nowadays, people feel entitled to ask you favors all the time once you have given them a “yes” before, but that is not always the case, verify and check if this is something that only you can do or if they can not do it for themselves. If you feel tired of doing it, you can always say no without explaining yourself to that person.

It is okay not to say yes all the time. You are your person. You have your schedule and your plans. Saying no to some favors can lessen your daily routines and the protection of your daily energy. It will also let you have more time for your priorities and activities to improve your positive energy.

Learn to meditate

Meditation is a practiced exercise that effectively promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle, resulting in your energy preservation. Aside from conserving your energy, other outcomes are proven to result from a changed lifestyle and meditation. Many people swear by the effects meditation has on them. Aside from a healthier lifestyle, these people have a better mood and better outlook on life. They see things from a different and better perspective.

There are different types of meditation that you can learn from the internet or meditation experts. Some meditation types are not suited for your style or ways, but eventually, you will find the perfect daily meditation for you! After a while, you will reap the various benefits of meditation. Indeed, you will learn to incorporate daily meditation in your daily routine of activities.

Less toxicity

To protect your energy, get out of anything toxic. It may be a toxic relationship, toxic work environment, or toxic conversation. Anything harmful will take a tremendous toll on your energy. You can detect it if an exchange, connection, or workmate is not good. You will feel unattached to it; an heavy every time you encounter them. Suppose you can’t immediately get out of that toxicity; set limits and boundaries of your interactions. This way, you can conserve and protect your energy.

There are times that the negativity of other people you are interacting with affects your mood unintentionally. Always keep in mind that you need to take a breath and take it out of your system. Focus on yourself and repeatedly remind yourself that the negativity is not something you need to associate with yourself.

Be in the moment

In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to course through it as fast as it comes without having to mind even their actions and reactions. One of the tips to save your energy for those that matter is to be in the moment. Be mindful of the things and situations you are currently doing. Pour in just the right amount of energy into and focus on your task at hand. Stop thinking about the next job on your list. Savor the moment you are in right now. It will result in a favorable outcome for you!

Though it takes some of your energy, it can refill the energy lost. Mindfulness of the moment you are in can bring more energy into your energy bank. Being in the moment will build a better relationship with the people you love.

Do body cleansing

With all the negativity that surrounds you every day, it is essential that you also practice cleansing your body to remove the negative energy at the end of the day. A body cleansing will do the trick to improve your overall health.

Taking care of your body through cleansing will eliminate the bad vibes you are carrying around. Try having Epsom salt readily available at home so that if you feel that your body has taken up much negativity, you can immediately throw yourself in a warm bath with Epsom salt. You can have a lovely, relaxing evening all by yourself. After finishing your cleansing, you will feel renewed and relaxed!

Your energy is what keeps you going and thriving. You have to protect it as much as possible. Don’t let this troubling world drain up all of your energy. Try out these steps to have a stress-free life. There are various ways to enhance your health status, and it all starts with a decision, are you ready to take precautions to protect your energy?


Armine is a wonderful writer, content manager and general site-looker-after. She upholds all the positive traits of Zen, and keeps us calm, happy and enlightened.

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