Does Meditation Make You Happy?

The art of meditation is an incredibly spiritual practice that enables us to pause the outside world and look within ourselves. With time and patience practising different forms of meditation, you will gain a sense of awareness, calm and tranquillity as you move through your everyday life. Mindfulness toward your surroundings, thoughts, feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others. With this mindfulness comes a sense of peace and happiness in yourself and your life.

So, how can meditation help me to achieve this sense of peace and happiness?

It helps us to relax and switch off from the world.

Meditation is an exercise that naturally relaxes both the body and mind. It is no surprise that we can use meditative practices to get a decent night’s sleep. By letting go of the thoughts circling in your mind at night, you are more likely to have a deeper nights sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised the next day.

There are many meditative practices that you can choose to do before bed. This could be zen meditation, or guided meditations such as a mindful body scan, meditation for self-awareness and applied muscle relaxation techniques. Each of these are designed to shift our attention and create a deep relaxation within the body. A good nights sleep certainly helps to create a positive mindset.

It helps sharpen our minds and increase creativity.

Allowing your thoughts to flow whilst in a relaxed state enables us to perceive our environment’s thoughts, feelings, and awareness. Many studies show that meditation stimulates the right side of the brain, enhances blood flow and enhances our ability to develop creative ideas.

This has many benefits, not just for creatives. Practising short meditation at work can help stimulate ideas, focus the mind, and improve productivity. It can also ease stress within the workplace and create a more peaceful mindset by creating a more compassionate world perception.

Studies have shown that daily meditation practice promotes our ability to retain attention, and even shorter bouts of meditation can positively affect memory and how we process information. Research suggests that even four days of meditation can have this effect to sharpen our minds, alongside a positive boost in mood.

Using meditation for anxiety.

An increasing percentage of the population suffers from anxiety and other mental health issues. It is no surprise that using meditation for anxiety is being recommended by professionals.

As thoughts and feelings circle in your mind, it is easy to become lost amongst them and spiral toward unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Daily meditation can help provide you with the techniques to better cope with this as it happens, both on the go and at home. Simple breathing techniques are fantastic for moments on the go, helping you settle your mind and regain control.

Zen meditation is an excellent practice to help reduce anxiety. It is a versatile practice that encourages you to listen to and acknowledge your deepest thoughts and feelings. Guided meditations, such as meditation for self-awareness, can help create a sense of self, the idea of you. Creating affirmations that you are not your thoughts, feelings or experiences. Each of our perceptions of an event, after all, differs. Within this perception, we can overcome our thoughts, worries, and create a more positive outlook. It is no wonder that meditation is being used to help with anxiety, as it leads to self-discovery and healing.

Meditation helps create a deeper awareness and appreciation of the world.

Mindfulness is a great practice to undertake whilst on the go. Guided meditations that focus on sound, smell and sight are all fantastic ways to get you started. Simply walking outside and being mindful as you navigate the world around you can create a deeper appreciation toward the world. Try focusing on one sound, such as birds singing, the wind, and even passing cars. This shift in attention toward the present, from the thoughts in your head, help you to regain a sense of peace and clarity. So you learn to enjoy time with both yourself and the natural world.

Meditation can also create a sense of awareness of yourself, as well as the world around you. An amazing benefit to meditation is how a sense of compassion can be developed through understanding and mindset. Through greater peace of mind, a higher level of acceptance can be gained, not only toward your own thoughts and feelings but also for others. This creates a more compassionate outlook and inner kindness.

Meditation can help reduce stress.

Mindfulness, wellbeing and self-care are big buzz words at the moment. Mental health has become increasingly important as we navigate through life, balancing home and work.

Meditation at work can help sharpen the mind, but it also allows us to view situations in a different light. Compassion and understanding toward our colleagues alongside helping us view a situation differently. Which gives us greater resilience toward problems that would have previously caused us stress.

Learning not to engage in worrying thoughts and to let them go by, helps us manage this stress more effectively. Practising zen meditation helps us acknowledge unhealthy thoughts as they come up. Let them go and bring our focus back to the moment.

It helps to bring out a happier and healthier you.

It is fair to say that yes, meditation can make you happy.

Studies have shown that daily meditation increases our ability to cope with uncomfortable and challenging situations and stress. Studies also show it can increase our capacity for happiness. Certainly, alongside the techniques above where we can use meditation to adjust our perception of a situation, it is definitely an exercise worth undertaking.

Essentially, meditation as a practice enriches our lives. Daily meditation provides you with the tools to manage your stress and alter your perceptions of the world. With it, creativity unlocks, and mental capabilities increased. Meditation for anxiety is an incredible aid. It provides you with the means to better cope with what life throws at you and gain a deeper sense of self in the process.

All of these benefits are wrapped up nicely in a practice that is relaxing, calming and peaceful. A practice worth undertaking for a happier self.


Armine is a wonderful writer, content manager and general site-looker-after. She upholds all the positive traits of Zen, and keeps us calm, happy and enlightened.

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