Brushing Zazen Meditation and Enso Zen Circle

Brushing Zazen Meditation and Enso Zen Circle

Modern and urban life may be getting increasingly stressful. Dependency on technology and machines is further aggravating the issue. However, meditation techniques including Zen (also called Zazen) meditation and Enso Zen Circle bring hope to millions across the world who are fighting the hassles and troubles of daily life.

The Zen (Zazen) Meditation

The word “Zazen” is a Japanese word, which means “seated meditation”. The practice of Zen or Zazen meditation started initially in the Buddhist tradition in the school of Mahayana Buddhism. It originated in ancient China. The Zen meditation technique is a means of achieving insights into existence and its nature.

Zen Meditation and Mindfulness

In Buddhist psychology, Zen meditation is also referred to as a practice of “thinking about not thinking anything”. Usually, the position of practicing Zen meditation is to sit in the Lotus position (with legs crossed) and to focus attention inwards for obtaining insights. Some monitoring skills may also be used in this open-monitoring meditation technique. The meditation may result in the obtainment of a state of reflexive awareness. It does not involve focusing on any one single or particular object. In this regard, it may differ from certain other meditation techniques such as those found in Hinduism that may focus on the Om symbol.

While mindfulness will focus on a specific thing or object, Zen meditation is more about developing a general awareness and insights. Both of these meditation techniques and measures do focus on the mind and its presence. Zen meditation involves improving awareness of the self-referential and physical processes.

The Enso Circle of Zen Meditation

The Enso Circle is the ancient sacred and important symbol in the Zen Buddhism School. While it is not a character but a symbol, it is an important subject of calligraphy in Japan. It’s famous by different names including the infinity circle, the circle of togetherness, and the circle of enlightenment.

An Expression of Enlightenment

The Enso Circle is the expression of enlightenment. It may also be an expression of individualism that can be expressed through the variations in brushing/painting aspects including brush stroke thickness, ink tones, shape (of the circle), and the positioning of the point from where the circle is begun and where it ends.

Anyone can brush and draw the Enso circle, the masters of Zen meditation can really and fully unleash the complete power of the Enso circle. The experts of Zen meditation and the Zen masters have been known to brush and craft the Enso circle, and subsequently, their students meditated upon these. The quality of the painting and the brushwork may also be a reflection of the enlightenment level of the Zen meditator or master.

Where to Draw

The Enso circle of the Zen meditation is usually brushed up on rice paper or silk, in a single movement. However, you can also use Canvas or paper along with the paint/ink and brush. Because the circle is prepared and brushed through a single stroke, there is no scope for modification. Usually, two forms and brushings of the Enso circle are obtained. One is the refined and narrow drawing, and the other is the larger expression that may be drawn through a vigorous and broad stroke.

Brushing the Enso Circle

Drawing the Enso circle is a daily practice for many Zen meditators. The brushing and the drawing is a contemplative exercise that you can practice after meditating for a significant period. You should run the brush and draw spontaneously and quickly. It expresses the meditation practitioner and the artist. Below is a step-by-step procedure for painting the Enso circle.

  • Keep all the items like ink/paint and brush at hand and ready.
  • Meditate on the Enso circle image.
  • Ensure that there is enough ink/paint on the brush, and draw the Enso circle after taking a deep breath.

You should draw The Enso circle spontaneously through a single stroke. You can also later add words of wisdom, sayings, or even humor to your art. Or add on the side of the painting or inside the circle as well. You can also add your signature or name stamp to the painting. Place the painting in a visible location, so that it acts as an inspiration for all.


The Enso circle symbolizes elegance, strength, single-mindedness, and the universe. It may be a symbol of togetherness and oneness of life. The Enso circle and Zen meditation may provide relief from stress and may include many other social cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Meditation activities including Zen meditation can improve the ability of a person to pay attention and to stay focused. Zen meditation is in numerous drug abuse treatment programs as well and has helped millions recover. If you want to practice better self-control and have peace of mind at all times, start practicing Zen meditation today.


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