Want to Become a Personal Trainer? Here’s What You Need to Do

The role of personal trainers is to create safe, effective, and productive exercise programs to achieve and maintain your desired fitness goals. Another role personal trainers can take on is that of educators. Namely, they can help you with your nutrition and teach you how to balance it out. When you look at it, you will notice that the profession of a personal trainer is highly rewarding. Personal trainers get to help people achieve their results, feel more confident about themselves, and see real results in no time. When it comes to income, personal trainers can earn a lot of money. Hence, if you are into fitness and like helping others, you will see a lot of rewarding results from your work. In our quest to present this profession to you in detail, we have prepared a short guideline on what you need to do. 

Decide If the Job of Personal Trainer Is Right for You 

Looking from the outside, the career of the personal trainer can often look like a satisfying one, and it is indeed satisfying; however, there are moments when this career can be overwhelming. One of the most rewarding aspects of your job is helping people achieve their fitness goals, all while doing something you enjoy. Your job is flexible, and you have a wide range of options for where you can work. There are a lot of great things about personal training, but you need to consider every single aspect of it before you decide to take the plunge. 

Just as with any other specialized field, personal trainers need to possess a whole variety of skills. Not only do they need to be specialized and build personalized training plans that will be effective for their clients, but you will also need to discover how you can begin building a career in this field. You need to know that the personalized trainer needs to be analytical, nurturing, and motivational. If you really want to be a good trainer, you should also enjoy working with different types of people, stay motivated, have the power to motivate others and be a good listener. Besides, you should have good organizational skills, a healthy dose of persistence, and a lot of patience, which will keep your clients uplifted. 


Before you become overly enthusiastic about your job, you must first learn how to do it on a daily basis. It goes without saying that you can perfect your client’s training sessions with time. You can learn about these things day-to-day through personal training, and you can pick up the experience along the way and start your own business once you get certified. Also, you may assume that training can be super easy, but it is much tougher than you may assume. You need to be prepared for a whole range of challenges. You will have a chance to work with clients who: 

  • refuse to do the workout you assigned them 
  • are afraid to push harder or are pushing way harder than they can sustain 
  • will blame you if they do not reach their fitness or weight loss goal
  • makeup excuses not to do their exercises
  • will cancel your appointments with little or without notice
  • show up without the proper shoes and gear necessary for the session.

Since every person differs a lot, you will need to determine how much you should push the client and what his or her needs are. You will also need to be able to change the workout if it shows no progress or is filled with difficulties. 

Time Is Flexible but Peak Hours Are the Main Target 

It is true that the working hours of personal trainers are flexible and that you can set up your schedule the way you want. However, you need to know that sometimes you will need to make compromises. You need to know that your clients will cancel the appointments with little to no notice. Also, the majority of them will want to train either before or after work on weekends. To this end, your busiest hours will be during the weekends and very early in the morning or late at night during the weekdays. A good point about these appointments is that you can set up your fees based on the time and even create special fees if the time of the session is not the most usual one.

You Will Need to Earn a Certificate as a Personal Trainer 

Before you make a final decision on becoming a personal trainer, you need to earn the certificate so you can be legally backed up. The most important factor to consider when deciding where to obtain this certification is the accreditation of the institution. All of the accredited organizations have their own certifications and procedures, as well as protocols that are typically accredited by a third party. On the other hand, if you want to work for a specific employer, you need to know what kind of certifications they require or recognize. 

Before you start the process of getting your certification, you should ask a couple of questions and obtain all of the necessary information. You need to learn whether the exam can be taken online or not. If you are taking your exam on-site you need to get information about where and when you will take the exam. Also, you need to find out if the exam requires attendance at a workshop or even a seminar, as well as where these are offered. This is an important piece of information since these programs can be both in-class and home-study programs. 

Being a personal trainer is one of the most satisfying professions since you can see the progress of your work through your clients, which can be immensely rewarding. Also, this is a real profession where you need to show your expertise in creating effective and productive workouts and crafting diet plans that will effectively complement the exercises you are willing to do with the client. Never forget that the job of a professional trainer is more rewarding than you think. 

Ali Rayno

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