About Zen

Welcome to the Center of Universal Possibilities!

Looking for a spiritual home? Then you have arrived at the right place. Welcome to Modern Zen! Reverend Reckel Ferguson and the Associates here are ready to help you walk your path to that spiritual home on Earth. Through all the trials and tests within the context of what we call “life” it oftentimes appears that the pathway to higher consciousness is confusing and overwhelming. We are always there to help in many ways, perhaps the most important being an introduction to your Spiritual family.

That’s why Modern Zen, South Florida’s largest and most successful Metaphysical Center, is strategically positioned to help you navigate a fork in the road of life or stand by your side when you strive to reach your highest spiritual potential. We do this in many ways that extend beyond physical time and space: Healing, Channeling, Readings, Meditation, Astrology, Reiki, and Chord Cutting are only a few of our offerings. Here at Modern Zen we believe in living a life with Spirit as part of our family. Modern Zen provides to the world that “universal” space of higher energy.          Modern Zen: There For You

We believe in a world of energy, and in a world of energy, all things are possible. Modern Zen’s primary mission is to serve in the spirit of humanity; continue to enhance the Divine gifts of spiritual awareness, personal healing, self-empowerment and dignity to each individual in an environment of unconditional acceptance. We believe in a Spiritual family who guides us on a path to powerful transformation. This transformational path is brightened by Reckel Ferguson, a full trance channeler and healer, who is capable of bringing  forth “light” in your life in an instant! 

                                            About Us

Feel like you’re searching for your Life Purpose? Do you believe there is more meaning to life than what others think? If you haven’t found that one place where you can breathe, relax and be in a supportive environment with others just like you. Be assured that you will find this and so much more right here at Modern Zen.

Reverend Reckel Ferguson and our Associates are a diverse  group of practitioners covering almost every type of modality and talent available to spiritual practitioners.  We are committed to providing healing, education, self-empowerment, personal growth and peace to all who seek it.

Whether it’s as simple as a delicious lunch, shopping for metaphysical supplies, attending a workshop, discussing the latest books by leading New Age philosophers, or anything in between, Modern Zen’s friendly and knowledgeable staff and Associates can help guide you to find your answers.  In addition to events and classes held almost every day of the week, we also hold Sunday Spiritual Services. Check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming events. Private sessions are always available.

We are also the broadcasting studio for Modern Zen Radio, an internet radio station. Presently there are two weekly shows being offered. You can check it all out by clicking on the Modern Zen Radio  link. 

By providing Spiritual services we help expand your consciouness and create for you a newer, better life that most people only dream about.  Our practitioners can accompany you on a journey of powerful transformation. But don’t just take our word for it…experience it for yourself.