What is Spirituality?

Everyone is offering their own definition these days of what it is: open your heart and know that you are connected by a thread to a Divine Source; control your thoughts and know that you are only an observer of thoughts and not the thought itself. I particularly love how karma is going to get you as the basis for a spiritual existence. Human, human, human. Yes, everyone is talking it these days, and that is great (we have to start somewhere) but everything I hear is traceable back to the physical. You must forgive me because this is Linda writing, the Linda who has heard a zillion times (even that silly number made me sound human) in channeling sessions with Reverend Reckel some variation of the theme “I was thinking like a human” so I can’t help myself. I have to look beyond physicality for answers.

So what does a physical heart have to do with anything? Nothing. How can we be connected to source through a thread? That concept denotes time and space and implies there is an umbilical cord of sorts connecting me with the Divine. I can’t buy it. While observing your thoughts will give you a ton of information about who you are and what you are focused on at any given moment, it won’t make you more spiritually evolved unless you are doing some serious contemplation. Prove to me I can control my next thought, and I will listen to your argument, but until then – forget it. Oh karma, we have reduced you to our classy, human way of judging and condemning others. I don’t have to get you, karma will. (We’ll save that discussion for another day.) Spirituality for many is the existence of life after death. While I wholeheartedly agree, I must dismiss that definition as still too limiting in scope.

Alright, I’m on the hot seat now. So what is spirituality? Spirituality is a journey of consciousness unlimited by any physical constraints or boundaries. A spiritual consciousness dictates that I consider all possibilities, ever stretching my mind to explore and expand beyond whatever I believed a second ago. This definition insists that I never believe I have arrived at “the” final answer. What are several of those spiritual possibilities you ask (and thanks for asking)? There is no Angel, Guide, Teacher, or God source outside of me. I am a part of all that is and no matter how small I appear in this reality, I am a part of a much greater universal plan that landed me here in the first place. As an energetic being, I may even exist in more than one reality at a time. Now just writing that definition shifted my energy up a notch. May it have done the same for you.

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