There Are Two Sides To Everything: Spirituality The Light and Dark of It All

There are two sides to everything and that includes electricity. I can’t run this computer or hit a light switch expecting power without there being two wires in the wall: one positive and one negative. Since I have to accept that statement as fact in this reality, can we take that concept into the ethers and say perhaps there is a positive and negative side to Source energy? Somehow the balancing of these two opposite energies might even create growth in the name of balance. So darkness might just be a necessary “evil” but, then again, perhaps the concept of evil exists only in denser realities such as ours. Anyway, I digress.

light and dark coffee | Photo by Alex on Unsplash
light and dark coffee | Photo by Alex on Unsplash

Some months back Reverend Reckel walked into the bathroom at the Center and found a paper towel (now dry) wrapped around three stones. Now, only Reverend Reckel Ferguson would have calmly walked her surprise package out of the building and tossed it into the dumpster, said her prayers (or whatever she does), and never gave it another thought. About a week later she casually mentioned to me what she had found that day about a week earlier. I wasn’t exactly as calm as she was because there couldn’t have been any love in the heart of the person hiding something behind a toilet bowl. I didn’t have a choice but to take her lead, so I struggled (just a little of course) for a serene sense of calm and balance about the whole thing. While we discussed it (my feelings about it mostly), the reality hit hard that there are indeed, some not so nice people out in this world. Shortly thereafter, she started working on a book entitled, The Art of Psychic Self Defense. And out of someone’s negativity, a positive was born. So in this case, there certainly were two sides to everything; a light and a dark. And the positive side of light is becoming bigger and bolder because Reverend Reckel will be sharing with you some pages from the book real soon. Reverend Reckel feels strongly that each of you should be an Initiate shining their light for others. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom with you. If you only knew how much she appreciated you all…but I’ll save that for another blog, another day.

Remember that protection, not paranoia, will be the winner every time. Fear and anger will only make a negative situation darker.

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