The Edge of the Universe

Having a few stressful days with the world of technology. Computer died. Off it went into the shop on Friday and came out on Monday. Believe it or not, it still didn’t work. Then it dawned on me that it wasn’t the computer – it was the monitor! Oh my, how we get stuck in our own limiting belief systems. Still need a cable to connect my new TV/PC but when I figure it all out I’m going to be staring at this gorgeous 32 inch screen!

While moving my “work” stack of papers to make room for my new “monitor”, I found something that Reverend Reckel wrote on one of the pieces of paper – “If you’re not living on the edge of the universe, you’re taking up too much space” (author unknown). What an amazing thought! My believing the computer was the problem was a fixed belief system based on past experiences and hardly qualifies for living on the edge of the universe. Yet, the edge of the universe is just where I want to be; a universe of infinite possibilities. A universe of consciousness that dictates I cannot remain in old dense belief systems that take up way too much space. Rather, I must venture out into the unknown – to go where no spiritualist has gone before. To glimpse eternity in an instant, to befriend the unseen Spirit, to walk worlds few could imagine, to remember lost wisdom, to create my own definition of reality, to energetically know myself. These are honorable goals that might take me to the edge of some universe.

The truth is I may never make it to the edge of any universe, but I have my eyes held steady on the moon. And if I never reach the moon, I’ll be content to land among the stars.

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