PRASIOLITE – The Green Quartz Crystal

Pronounced Praz-ee-oh-lite. It is also called GreenAmethyst, Amegreen Vermarine, or Greened Amethyst. Most Prasiolite is artificially produced by heating amethyst, although there are increasing reports of it being found naturally. The color varies from deep green to olive green and oftentimes areas of amethyst can be identified within a specimen. Prasiolite is a transparent to translucent quartz variety. The color varies from a pale gray green to a deep grass green.Prasiolite has all the properties of Clear Quartz Crystal in addition to some of its own.

Prasiolite helps to energetically link the physical aspects of the human self with the spiritual aspects of the higher self. It activates the healing vibrations of the heart as the center of consciousness and connection to the Divine. This crystal cleanses and opens all of the Chakras. Its primary chakra is the solar plexus and its secondary chakra is the heart center. Prasiolite brings the higher vibration energy of the Divine though the heart and into the physical. It encourages loving intuitive capabilities and reminds us that unconditional love still exists. It transmutes negative energy to positive energy and therefore, helps put aside the old ways, the less positive ways, and embrace the new in a much more positive way. This crystal allows you to grow and transform more quickly. It connects you to Source, to your ancient roots, and even to other galaxies. Prasiolite helps you see where you’ve been before, in older times, and gets you where you’re going in this lifetime. It connects the “I WAS” to the “I AM” and is a stone to consider using in your healing work.

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