Mental and Physical Mediumship

Believe it or not, I just learned that there are two types of mediumship (broadly classified) as mental and physical. The “mentalist” medium can give messages to an entire room of people with only guidance from their inner connection; an awesome ability for sure. The physical medium utilizes something physical in what they usually call a “Service”. Examples would be Spirit Cards, Blind Fold Billets, Spirit on Silk or a Trumpet Service. What mediumship brings to the table for each one of us, in whatever form it takes, is an ability to experience the unexplainable, and to spend time with our family in spirit. One can’t help but stretch his or her spiritual consciousness in untold ways by attending one of these services.

In truth, the physical mediumship services are getting harder and harder to find these days. So when the opportunity presents itself you have to take notice. Because the Blind Fold Billet Service that is coming up on Sunday taught me to learn the different types of mediumship available, let’s talk about a Blind Fold Billet Service.

Here is a quick glance at what to expect.

A billet is a just a small piece of paper that you will write some information on. You will first be asked to write down your name (first and last) and then the names of three people in Spirit that you would like to connect with. Some mediums will also ask you to write down the relationship that the person had with you when they were alive. It’s sort of like addressing a letter to people on the other side of life, something I think, that is very cool. Follow this up by writing down a question or two on the billet that you would like answered by those individuals in spirit. The secret here is, don’t phrase your question as requiring only a yes or no answer. Leave your question very open ended.

The billets are then folded in half and placed in a basket by each person who completed one. When all the billets are collected, the basket is then taken to the podium where the medium is standing. The medium then usually asks the group to sing a few verses of a song or say a prayer while you watch the medium tape his or her eyes shut and then apply a blindfold over that. Next, the medium will start randomly pulling billets, one at a time, and there are many folks who will be quite surprised when they hear the names they wrote down called out for them and then hear an answer to their question.

Mediumship in any form is a gift to each of us from Spirit. But if you have never attended a Blind Fold Billet Service, consider coming to Reverend Ron Fredric’s service this Sunday. You will learn what I learned today – there are two types of mediumship: mental and physical! Then you will be able to say that you have had the opportunity to experience both.

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