Higher Learning

Education comes from some of the most unlikely places in life. We learn the reading, writing and arithmetic skills ok, but by the time we graduate High School, most of us have already earned another degree. Without even registering for class, we found ourselves in that proverbial school of hard knocks called life. Despite repeated attempts to graduate from this less than pleasant course of study, that graduation day never seems to come. Certainly, I must admit that the school of hard knocks has taught me infinitely more than any brick and mortar school I ever attended – and I have several degrees written somewhere behind my name to prove my attendance. Little did I know back then, that my greatest educational experience had not even arrived in my life – yet!

Then one day, I met Reverend Reckel Ferguson, and she turned my idea of education every which way but loose. Who in their right mind would have believed that my next classroom would arrive in the nebulous shape of Spirit? Yet, thanks to Reverend Reckel and her channeling sessions, meditations, classes and friendship, I have not only received an education from a higher source, I have gained a role model on earth and a family in Spirit. Even though my “Spirit” family never granted me those earthly wishes (like the lotto numbers I pleaded for more than once), they gave me more treasures than I could have ever imagined were possible. The so called “Hallowed Halls of Learning” in this reality could never hope to share the wisdom I have received. That wisdom doesn’t change what you see on the outside, yet, but I wouldn’t bet against it arriving unexpectedly – one day. So take me as your role model. No matter what classroom you find yourself in – there is always hope. And that hope just might arrive from the most unlikely of places.

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